Institute of Clinical Economics e.V.

Institute of Clinical Economics e. V.

Our Vision

We want to support the development of a health care system that uses existing resources as equitably and effectively as possible for our society in order to achieve the greatest possible benefit for the solidarity community. We rely primarily on scientific evidence from care research and clinical economics to identify the value of health care services under everyday life conditions from the point of view of patients and the community of solidarity.

Our Mission

  • Promotion of science and research, in particular with methods and concepts of clinical economics. The aim is to support professional societies and self-governing bodies in the creation of evidence and to support the critical discussion regarding the efficient use of resources (such as the application of common health services, their remuneration and effectiveness).
  • Dissemination of the concepts and application of evidence-based medicine and clinical economy in education and training for health professions.
  • Use of the interdisciplinary competences of the association for effective solution development and its dissemination in the context of publications and events.

Our Contribution

We want to support the development and use of new scientific findings. To this end, we actively participate in the scientific debate through publications on the topic. The ICE itself is actively involved in three research areas and a teaching project.


Clinical Economics

deals with the creation of health-related value for individuals and society without prioritizing monetary benefits.

The misjudgement in our health care systems is based on the assumption that more screening, more diagnostics and more therapy will always lead to better health. However, this assertion is not supported by modern literature.


There is a risk of oversupply in the health care systems of all industrialised countries. Oversupply exists in two forms: the "ineffective therapy", if the problems of the patients are not solved by the administered therapy and the "spontaneous healing", if the problems of the patients are solved without therapy.

Efficient supply

Efficient therapy (psychological, biochemical, etc.) improves the health of patients, with the sum of benefits outweighing the negative effects and costs. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find valid and efficient care because investigations and reports contain systematic errors due to existing conflicts of interest.

Further information can also be found in our statutes (German language).