Institute of Clinical Economics e.V.

Board Members

Prof. Dr. Franz Porzsolt

Clinical Economist, President of ICE e.V.

Franz Porzsolt graduated from the Ontario Cancer Institute in Toronto, Ontario after his medical state examination in Marburg and a DFG grant from the Ontario Cancer Institute. Franz Porzsolt completed his training as a specialist in internal medicine and specialisation in haematology and internal oncology with Prof. Herrmann Heimpel in Ulm. He was a member of the board of directors of the Tumour Centre Ulm for 10 years and at that time he was responsible for the basic considerations of clinical economics, which are published in three books and more than 500 scientific articles. Together with various European and Brazilian teams, he has developed a method to test which of the health effects achievable under ideal conditions can be reproduced under everyday conditions (External Link).

Jürgen Geier

Economist, Vice President of ICE e.V.

Jürgen Geier has completed his business studies in Mannheim and Cologne. He has been appointed internal European Quality Award Assessor at the European Foundation for Quality Management (E. F. Q. M.) and has participated in the COLLEGE OF PHARMACY PRATICE at the University of Birmingham focusing on Primary Care Practice, Medicines Management, Hospital Practice and FPMM Competency framework. He has held various managing directorships and executive board positions in the area of statutory health insurance and most recently worked for the French pharmaceutical company SERVIER Deutschland GmbH as head of the areas of health economics and politics. He is currently working as a freelance consultant for the GKV and the pharmaceutical industry.

Christopher J. Geier

Assessor iur., Assessor of ICE e.V.

Christopher J. Geier studied law with a focus on bio, health and medical law at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich and at the University of Augsburg. During his studies, he worked as a member of the Joint Federal Committee in Berlin and in the legal department of DAK Healthcare in Hamburg. During his legal traineeship and following his second state examination, Mr. Geier worked for an internationally oriented medical law firm in Munich (lawyer's office). He is currently employed as a legal advisor at the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Bavaria.